What You Should Know About Fast Casual Catering


A few years back “Fast Casual” Restaurant Chains started to feel the increase in competition by “Quick Serve” restaurants that were stepping up their game and eating their lunch.




Many of these chains decided to add the profit center of catering.


The “corporate people” of these companies saw catering as a way to make more money.


What most of these fast-casuals were never able to grasp are all of the attention to detail and planning aspects of catering.


That’s why smaller catering companies like Twelve 31 continue to be the preferred choice.


We started with Catering. We did not get into it because our business was in trouble.


Planning Events is what we live and breathe… and eat!


The next time it seems easier to call one of the big chains for your catering needs, just remember, they did not start there, they jumped on the bandwagon to make their shareholders happy.


We cater to make you happy!