How to Come Up With a Budget?

How to Come Up With Your Catering Budget

Of course, we get a lot of questions about pricing. That’s one of the reasons why our prices are on our website. We want this to be easy for you.

Plus… there are other items beyond food that may be a part of your event… service charges (for staffed events), travel, tax, gratuity(thank you!).

Here is a simple way to know where you’ll be for your catering budget.

This formula includes service. If your event will not be staffed, just remove that part.

An actual price quote can be arrived at only after you choose a menu.

Different menus have different prices. We have plenty of options already priced out on our website. We keep our website up-to-date too!

To arrive at an estimate… Keep in mind the information below assumes a staffed event. Not all events need to be staffed. We do tons of drop off service events that require no staff. There are no “service charges” attached to a drop off.

1) Take your food total.

2) Once you have your food total… Service charges (for staffed events) range between 22% and 25% off the food total. The variable depends on your space and its accessibility. 22% will apply after a certain food spend. There are minimum staffing charges that apply to events with fewer guests.

Service charges apply to staffed events. Service charges cover labor, equipment and other costs before, during and returning from your event.

3) Transport/Delivery Fees vary based on location and other factors. These fees are always reasonable. They are calculated when the venue address is given.

4) Minimum Contracted Gratuity for Staffed Events:

Added gratuity is commonly left by clients at completion or added to final payments per the client’s request. Prior to that, a minimum contracted gratuity of 15% of your food total is added to your contract balance. Gratuity is not contracted on Drop Off Events, but is common(thank you!).

Add 8.5% state tax to the numbers above. (not the gratuity)

The above method can get you pretty close to knowing exactly where you’ll be. There are no surprises. That’s why many of our clients hold their dates first and then can take a little time to select their menus.