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We’re Happy to Offer You “Everyday” Smaller Versions of Some of Our Favorites! Order them “Hot & Ready” or “Finish them in Your Oven.”

Pick Up or Delivery From 2PM to 5:30PM Wednesday-Saturday

 Day Before Notice, Please!



Classic Lasagna

Lg $35 (Family Size)


Baked Mac and Cheese

Sm $15      Lg $25 (Family Size)


Crispy Chicken Finger Mac n Cheese

Sm $25        Lg $40 (Family Size)


Lobster Mac n Cheese

Sm $40 ( 1/2 pound of Lobster Meat)  Lg $75 (Family Size, 1 Pound of Lobster Meat)


Chicken Marsala

Sm $22 (12 pieces)  Lg $35 (24 pieces) 


Sausage Peppers and Onions

 Lg $40 (Family Size)


Chicken Parmesan

Sm $24 (6 pieces)   Lg $40 (10 pieces)


Ravioli Bolognese

(Family Size) $44


Grilled Chicken with Wild Rice 

Sm $24 (6 pieces)   Lg $35 (10 pieces)


Pork Medallions in a White Wine Broth

  Lg $43 (10 pieces)


Chicken Cutlet with Spinach and Fresh Mozzarella

Sm $24 (6 pieces)   Lg $40 (10 pieces)


BBQ Pulled Pork

Lg $50  Family Size (Includes Ten Slider Rolls)


Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Sm $15  Lg $27.50


Seafood Chowda or Soup of the Week:  

32oz          $25 / $15   


Call (603) 818-0012 to place order
or Start Your Order Online in the Form Below

(Minimum $50 order for delivery)

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