Don’t Ruin Your Red Bottoms – 4 Tips

“These expensive, these is red bottoms.”

-Cardi B.


You’d be amazed how often this is overlooked.


After being in the wedding and event business for almost 20 years now, I can tell you this happens a lot if your planner is not on his/her game.


The season is here…


Outdoor Events and Outdoor Weddings!


There’s grass, lawns and maybe sand!


You realize you forgot to tell your female guests about this little detail.


Perhaps you just assumed they knew.


Guess what? They didn’t think of it either.


Now they’re tip toeing around, they’re taking their shoes off, they’re walking around barefoot and the choice of wrong heels are digging in the grass.


Don’t laugh! You need to prepare your guests for the “terrain.”


The solution…


  1. Of course have a planner who points out this important detail.

  2. Specify in your invitation that your wedding will be outside.

  3. Post tips like this on your wedding website.

  4. If your guest list is on the smaller side you can even spread the word by emailing or texting your guests directly.

OK… now you know. Prepare your guests!