Wonderful Winter Event Tips

Quick Tips for a Wonderful Winter Event:


1: For day time events look for spaces with great natural light and big windows that allow the sun to shine in.


2: If your event is in the evening use more comfortable and casual seating arrangements so guests feel cozy.


3: If your venue has a fireplace, take advantage of it. Cocktails by a roaring fire is always a winner!


4: We have been staring at festive lights and colorful decorations for a few months now, keep your decor clean and simple. Adding crisp white or ivory floral arrangements and some greenery will brighten up your space and give a fresh airy feeling.


5: When is comes to your menu, keep the seasonal ingredients but instead of a buffet or plated meal go with displays and small plates.


The freedom to graze and eat at their own pace will enable guests to feel satisfied but not feel like they ate another big heavy meal.


To finish off add fun sweets like a hot cocoa bar or a chocolate dipped fruit station instead of cookies and cakes. Our full catering menu can make any winter gathering wonderful!