Catering Secret The easiest way to stretch your catering budget

Budget is always a question when it comes to exploring catering options for your business or social event.


It’s a fact that everyone wants the best quality and the most amount of food for their budget.


And we agree!


We want our catering clients to be able to get as much of our food as possible.


If our clients and their guests get to experience the most amount of variety from our menu we know they’ll be talking about it and telling their friends!


Our “Tray Favorites” are the most cost-effective way to get the most amount of food and the most amount of variety.


We love catering these type of events.


We can show up and place your selections right into your heating equipment. We’re talking about, pans, wire frames and sternos.


Or, if you want the added layer of convenience, we can bring this equipment for a small fee. It’s really up to you.


Either way we encourage you to browse our Tray Favorites Catering Menu to get some ideas.