Table Space for Catering

We often get the question… “How much table space do I need for food?” The answer depends.


Let’s say you’re going with a buffet-style dinner. The general rule is “Two Eight-Footers.”


This is plenty of room to fit salad, sides, and main dishes.   We will always list the table space needed in our contract.


Maybe prior to dinner you have some displayed apps… cheese, veggies or maybe a Grazing Table.


The quantity you order will determine the table space needed.  Usually, six foot tables are best for appetizers.  Based on how many displayed apps you order for your event, we will let you know how much table space is needed.  


Plated Dinner?  None at all.  Just the work/table space in the catering area matters on a plated meal. 


What about for drop off  catering service?


Depending again on the size of the order the general advice is “be sure to have plenty of table space.”  


Of course, once an order is in place it is easy to advise a client on how much space they should prepare for.  Since drop-offs can be all shapes and sizes with a few variables, we don’t usually specify until an exact order is received.