Catering with Solutions Never Problems

Recently a client placed an order for a celebration of life, post-service lunch.

We always do our best to help when asked during these times.

A delivery event, that required no catering staff, the conversation went to our client “re-plating” some of the food from our nice disposable displays to their platters upon arrival.

Wanting to help as best as possible with the logistics, while saving them some work and also knowing not every item ordered made sense to “re-plate” we came up with the easy solution.

“If you can, just drop off some of your platters to us, we will put the food right on them, so you don’t have to.”


When we deal with vendors, and other businesses we want solutions, feedback and ideas (within reason of course).

And we bring that same approach to our clients and customers. There are only solutions!

If you know someone who hasn’t tried Twelve 31, let them know about us. Encourage them to “Google Twelve 31 Events” and just read what others have to say.

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