Catering Delivery Wins

Being in the Food Industry and in particular operating a Catering Service in New Hampshire, we can’t help but hear all the buzz about delivery and delivery apps.

It seems like everyone wants to be in food delivery and every fast food place (yuck!) wants you to be able to order their food on demand.

We get it, there is plenty of room and plenty of people with varying taste-buds, especially in bigger cities and that’s why some of these things thrive.

But Twelve 31 has been about “delivery” from the start.  Bringing our customers delicious, high-quality food that shows up hot and fresh all the time.  

Our food always travels with people we know.  Most of the time, our owners hand-delivery large and small catering orders.   

Our food (and coffee) stays hot because of the special boxes used to transport it.  

Now… we don’t have any fancy app that tells you how close your food is, but with rare exception (actually one time at a place where even the invited guests couldn’t find the house) it shows exactly when expected!