Local Catering Service Gives Away Italian Cookies

Just In Time for Holiday Party Catering…


But First!


Some of you know the Twelve 31 story…


Melissa, has been a Chef and Event Planner in Boston since the early 2000’s.  But Twelve 31 is still, believe it or not, sorta new. The business was formed in late 2017. And our Grand Opening, after our Kitchen build out, was May.


Therefor…It’s our first Christmas and Holiday Season!


We’re celebrating by giving away FREE Italian Christmas Cookies with EVERY order.


There is no catch. Any order gets Cookies! The give-away is in proportion to the order. Simple.


Below I have added some links to our menus.  Check them out. Whether it’s a big party with plenty of time to plan or a last minute gathering or something in between, we’ve got awesome food… AND… Free Cookies.


It’s our way of saying thank you to everyone who has made our first 6 months an amazing success!


And if you haven’t tried us yet, change that and get Italian Cookies too!


Menu 1: Catering

This is our full catering menu. Perfect for larger gatherings and more advanced planning. Although, we accommodate clients on short notice too.

Full Catering Menu


Menu 2:  Heat & Eat

This menu is really catching on.  Smaller quantities and shorter notice. You finish these in your own oven following simple instructions.

Easy Heat & Menu


Menu 3:  “Game-Time”

Each item is a winner! Simple as that. Perfect for small or larger sports parties.

Sports Menu


Menu 4:  “Main Street Mondays”

A “limited” menu. Right now, we only do 3 of these each week for those fast to get their orders in and reserve.

Main Street Mondays