Restaurant-Quality Catering


When you’re looking for a good catering service to cater your next event you might be on Google searching for “Restaurant Catering.”


It’s important to know the difference between looking for restaurant-quality catering and a restaurant that offers catering.


Catering companies only dedicated to catering do not operate full-service / sit-down restaurants.  Catering services exclusively doing with catering only cater.


A restaurant might still be a good option, you’ll just have to do your homework.


Other things to consider…


Are you looking for the catering company to also provide the space for your event? This is certainly a benefit if a restaurant can be the right fit for your event.


Most catering is brought onsite by the caterer, so you have flexibility in choosing your venue.


At Twelve 31 Events we are not a restaurant but our food is certainly restaurant-quality.


Our tasting room fits up to 30 for a reception-style event and 20 for a plated meal.


If you found us searching “Restaurant-Catering,” know that we will deliver the quality and the taste that will exceed your expectations, we just choose not to be in the “restaurant business.”